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Introduction of Mandatory Biometric Enrolment for Seven Visa Categories

August 05, 2016

Consulate General of India





Introduction of Mandatory Biometric Enrolment for Seven Visa Categories


This is to announce that Biometric enrolment will be mandatory with effect from August 19, 2016, for applicants applying for the following seven visa categories:


(i)  Employment Visa

(ii) Journalist Visa

(iii) Research Visa

(iv) Student Visa

(v)  Visit Visa (applicable for Pakistani nationals only)

(vi) Project Visa

(vii) Missionary Visa


The above Biometric enrolment will involve capture of facial and finger print data.  Exemptions from Biometric enrolment will be allowed in the following cases only:


(i)      Age of applicant is under 12 years or more than 70 years

(ii)     Applicants with poor or no finger prints (in such cases facial traits would be captured)

(iii)    Applicants with less number of fingers would be required to give Biometrics of existing fingers only


Biometric enrolment would be conducted during the process of submission of visa application at one of the 14 ‘Indian Visa Application Centres (IVACs) being operated by our sole service provider, VFS. A list of these IVACs is available on VFS website ( 


Personal presence of applicants for the above seven visa categories would be mandatory at the time of submission of visa application at IVAC, with effect from August 19, 2016. 


For further queries please contact our sole service provider VFS. Contact details are available on their website,


August 05, 2016


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